Post Treatment

Aqua Care Systems 50 LPH

This is used as a pre-filter for domestic RO systems and other purifiers in case your raw water has Iron presence. This safeguards your expensive filters replacement frequency. They come with inlet outlet suitably compatible. Introduction is easy. The system is wall mountable. The housing can withstand input pressure upto 3 Kg. No plumber required.

Aqua Care Systems 100 LPH

This is a single tap model used to dedicate to a single tap or to any appliances like Washing Machine, Dish Washer, Gyser, RO system safeguarding your appliances life and service. These come with 1/2 inch inlet outlet. Convenient Hose fittings and tap adaptors are provided for easy backwash provision. They are wall mountable and can take input pressure upto 3 Kg. No Plumber required.

Aqua Care Systems 300 LPH
Aqua Care Systems 500 LPH
Aqua Care Systems 1000 LPH
Aqua Care Systems 2000 LPH

The above models are used as per site reqirement.

Single System or multiple can be attached parallel to your delivery line feeding your flat / Multi floor houses with some plumbing modification for backwash ease. Can also be done before an O/H Tank or into the sump. This ensures clear water in all your taps, showers, appliances, wash area, Kitchen, etc. The Change in Flow or pressure in your existing line would not be felt at all. All the above models can withstand pressures upto 4 Kg. They all have 1" inlet outlet Hose connections.